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As designers, we always seek new ideas, where we can unify function and beauty with the use of natural and unused materials. First of all, we want to provide a premium product for our clients, but at the same time, we wish to make a change in the industry.

In the pursuit of finding quality items during our interior design practice, we have experienced how much waste can a luxurious design create. By searching and partnering up with stone and marble workers we've started to have ideas
about how we could repurpose materials and channel them back into the design circle.

We have created a design brand that aims to use these waste materials and leftover pieces to create a new, sustainable design product by finely processing these materials.


We believe luxury and beauty can be sustainable if combined with long lasting, high quality materials. In contrast to the marble's noble and natural ambiance, we have complemented it with a subtle but necessary metal element that gives a contemporary and clean aspect to the item.

Our objects combine the clean and cut edge functionality and a contemporary timeless look, with the classical decadence of the marble, creating a unique, timeless piece of interior furniture for modern and classical spaces.

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